Mono-Layer Line Controller

Inexpensive solution adding the precision of gravimetric control to the less sophisticated mono-layer extrusion lines

INTELECS™ ONE is a controller that performs process control and visualization tasks on hard real-time operating platform. Fanless cooling system makes the controller reliable even in the presence of very fine plastic dust. The device combines the robustness and reliability of PLC with the convenience of standard PC features. This controller is designed to be an inexpensive solution adding the precision of gravimetric control to the less sophisticated mono-layer extrusion lines.

Functional Specifications:

  • Maintains the gauge of a monolayer film product by adjusting extruder speed or haul-off speed.
  • Maintains the desired temperature profiles for the extruder and die zones.
  • Controls the continuous blending process for one main flood-fed component (may be a blend delivered by a shared batch blender) and up to 3 additives fed by the individually controlled augers.
  • Provides interface functions that allow operator to specify the following parameters and setpoints:
    • Gravimetric ratio for the continuous blender components (%)
    • Film gauge setpoint (mils or microns)
    • Haul-off speed setpoint (m/min or feet/min)
    • Temperature setpoints for every extruder zone and die zone
  • Allows manual control of every drive (extruder, blender augers, haul-off).
  • Alarms monitoring (with optional light/sound device).
  • Supports multi-language user interface (switchable) including Asian and Cyrillic characterss.

Hardware Technical Specifications:

  • Intel compatible 266 MHz processor running deterministic hard real-time operating system
  • Up to 7" VGA color TFT display with touch screen (resistive) and IP65 protection from the front
  • Up to 64 MB SDRAM for program/data storage
  • Built-in Ethernet 10/100 network adapter
  • Serial RS232 port
  • 2 USB ports for serial printers, flash memory "sticks", etc.
  • Compact Flash slot holding up to 2GB Flash Drive with a file system for recipes and historical data storage
  • Fanless cooling, metal housing
  • Power supply 24 V DC, lithium battery
  • Real-time clock
  • Up to 2 slots for digital real-time communication interfaces
  • Web server and VNC server for remote access and monitoring
  • FTP server for file exchange