Intelecs Controls Inc.

Was founded in 2004 by a small group of process control and factory automation professionals with extensive experience in material handling, blending and plastic film extrusion applications.

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Our business

The company focuses on retrofit solutions for plastic processing plants but also offers batch blending and multilayer film extrusion control systems to OEM customers in Europe, in the Americas and in India.

Our innovative material handling solutions are being distributed via both OEM channels and direct sales to end users (plastic processors). INTELECS™ batch blending algorithms based on our proprietary 3-stage dosing algorithm of up to 8 components are being used by OEM of Gravimetric Blenders such as Mould-Tek Industries Inc (Canada) and  Wittmann (Austria) . INTELECS™ batch blending solutions work with a wide variety of blender hardware designs and actuators (pinch valves, slide gates, vibrating feeders and others).

Our film extrusion process control solutions will help you increase the value and sophistication of your products. Even going from one to three layers means you are changing markets, so you no longer have to justify the investment based on your mono- layer business. It’s not a simple upgrade but rather a capital investment for a new business.

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Our mission

We believe in retrofit solutions!
Mechanically your blenders and extruders remain perfectly functional for decades. What quickly becomes outdated and inadequate is electronic equipment and controls which act as a "brain" for your blending and/or extrusion process. The modernity and the quality of the controls ultimately determines the accuracy/efficiency of your process and the quality of your final product. We are confident that a retrofit option must always be evaluated prior to deciding on a new equipment purchase.

What we can do:

  • Significantly increase stability, productivity and accuracy of gravimetric blenders of various manufacturers (Mould-Tek, Maguire, etc.) by replacing their original controls with WXLB control package. WXLB solution can be tuned to accommodate any type of dosing system - pinch valve, slide gate, vibrating feeder and others.
  • Assemble a multilayer co-extrusion blown film line from your existing blenders and extruders using INTELECS™ COEX control package that provides high accuracy gravimetric control for blending and multilayer co-extrusion process. This very cost-effective approach allows you to make more sophisticated films without investing in costly brand-new capital equipment.
  • Establish a tight control over material consumption and blending accuracy. Our controllers record process data in real-time and create information foundation for further use of quality control and operating efficiency optimization systems.
Retrofitting can be a great alternative to investing in new blenders and extrusion lines. Contact us and we will make sure your business can get the most out of the retrofitted upgrade.

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