Co-Extrusion Line Control System

INTELECS™ COEX is a control system designed to fulfill all requirements of the most sophisticated co-extrusion blown film production

INTELECS™ COEX is built on a solid foundation of the hard-real-time operating system to ensure the highest degree of reliability. The system offers many advanced features such as recipe handling, gauge profile monitoring, pre-defined schedule with temperature profiles for the gradual heating of extruders and die, production reports and statistical process control functions.

Functional Specifications:

  • Maintains gauge, width and layer composition of the final film product.
  • Controls all line operating parameters including temperatures, co-extrusion layer ratio and haul-off speed (line speed).
  • Maintains the desired temperature profiles for all extruders and die zones according to the recipe of the product being made.
  • Controls extruder speeds according to the gravimetric monitoring of the material flow and desired gauge of every layer in the multilayer film structure.
  • Controls the blending process either directly or via an interface to a third- party batch blending system.
  • Performs gauge profile monitoring (optional, requires infrared or ultrasonic sensor).
  • Provides real-time trending for all major line parameters.
  • Performs alarms monitoring.
  • Generates reports (per roll, order, shift, etc.).

INTELECS™ COEX Hardware Technical Specifications:

  • Intel compatible 266 MHz processor running deterministic hard real-time operating system
  • Up to 15" VGA color TFT display with touch screen (resistive) and IP65 protection from the front
  • Up to 64 MB SDRAM for program/data storage
  • Built-in Ethernet 10/100 network adapter
  • Serial RS232 port
  • 2 USB ports for serial printers, flash memory "sticks", etc.
  • Compact Flash slot holding up to 2GB Flash Drive with a file system for recipes and historical data storage
  • Fanless cooling, metal housing
  • Power supply 24 V DC, lithium battery
  • Real-time clock
  • Up to 2 slots for digital real-time communication interfaces
  • Web server and VNC server for remote access and monitoring
  • FTP server for file exchange