Advanced controller for a single blender at affordable price

WXLB is the latest addition to our product family. It’s built on an affordable yet powerful hardware platform to meet the price requirements of the emerging machinery markets in the developing countries.

WXLB standard features include:

  • Our proprietary 3-stage dosing algorithm
  • Built-in self-tuning system that determines and captures dynamic characteristics of dosing actuators
  • Recipe system that includes component settings and tuning results for each actuator to ensure repeatability of dosing accuracy for each component
  • Alarm engine with alarm history
  • Built-in wizard for easy load cell calibration process

    • STANDARD – all 3 stages of dosing apply: free fall, coarse pulses, fine pulses
    • HIGH YIELD – free fall only to achieve high throughput in combination with self-tuning option to maintain high accuracy
    • HIGH ACCURACY – a single component in this dosing mode is delivered first, then all components’ targets are recalculated depending on the actual dosing result of high accuracy component to achieve zero error for this component
  • Three material types: VIRGIN, REGRING, ADDITIVE
  • Built-in process historian that records dosing results for each batch
  • High resolution 7’” color user interface with touch screen
  • Manual controls for testing I/O connections