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In cooperation with our customers we deliver cost-effective, fully integrated and highly customized process automation solutions bringing their existing fleet of blenders and extrusion lines to the efficiency level of an optimized state-of-the-art enterprise.

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Our areas of expertise

What we believe

The latest control technology in combination with older but still functional capital equipment makes a critical difference and significantly improves your production process.

Who we are

A small group of seasoned professionals in process control and industrial automation with extensive experience in material handling and film extrusion applications.

What we do

Our products and systems range from a single stand-alone blender controller to vertically integrated plant solutions including coordinated control of loaders, pumps, blenders etc.

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We believe in retrofit solutions!

Our retrofitting projects apply new control technology to modernize and upgrade your aging fleet of blenders and extrusion lines. This will allow you to postpone or even eliminate the need to purchase new equipment. Retrofitting can be a viable alternative to investing in new equipment. We offer highly customized solutions which will address your specific needs. Let us know what equipment you would like to upgrade, and we will respond with a technically optimized and cost-effective solution.

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Second life for your legacy equipment

Gravimetric and Volumetric blending systems

INTELECS™ control solutions work with any type of gravimetric/volumetric batch/continuous blenders

Film co-extrusion lines

INTELECS™ extrusion line control systems scale from monolayer to multilayer co-extrusion configurations.

Vacuum loading systems

INTELECS™ vacuum loading controllers hanlde multiple loaders and pumps reliably and efficiently

Real-time data collection and management

INTELECS™ collects real-time data for quality control and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) metrics

Our Products

WXLB – A stand-alone single gravimetric blender controller.

WXLB is a very flexible and cost-effective control solution that can be applied to virtually any gravimetric blender. The system can be tuned to work with any type of dosing actuators - pinch valves, slide gates, vibrating feeders and others. Features include local recipe storage, batch result data logging, support for various component types (Virgin, Regrind, Additive) and dosing modes (Standard, High Accuracy, High Yield).

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INTELECS™ BATCH – A distributed control system

A single powerful controller that runs multiple gravimetric batch blenders. Features include a built-in data collection agent, FTP connection to a central data server, local recipe storage, connection to a central recipe database, built-in VNC server for wireless access, vacuum loading system control module. A second controller providing a complete functional redundancy is optional.

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INTELECS™ ONE – Monolayer Blown Film Line control system

INTELECS™ ONE is an inexpensive solution adding the precision of gravimetric control to the less sophisticated mono-layer extrusion lines. The INTELECS™ ONE system controls a single layer film production maintaining a desired film thickness as well as controlling batch blending process for up to 8 components or continuous blending process for up to 4 components.

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INTELECS™ COEX – Co-extrusion Blown Film Line control system

This control system is designed to fulfill all the requirements of the most sophisticated co-extrusion blown film production. The system offers a lot of advanced features such as recipe handling, gauge profile monitoring, pre-defined schedule with temperature profiles for the gradual heating of extruders and die, production reports and statistical process control functions.

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VLC – Vacuum Loading Controller

VLC is a cost-effective yet powerful system for handling many vacuum loaders and pumps in a variety of piping configurations. Features include separate loader FIFO (First In First Out) queue for each pump, “learning mode” to automatically discover loading time for each loader, blocked and broken line diagnostics.

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INTELECS™ HISTORIAN – Modular software system for data analytics

The INTELECS™ HISTORIAN system is designed to deliver a low-cost professional data management solution to the clients in the material handling and plastic processing industries. Consistent regular data collection creates a material foundation for Product Quality Management, OEE metrics, production process optimization and Predictive Maintenance practices.

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